Sunday, November 30, 2008


Some people keep asking, "when is the book due out?" Most people have quit asking, assuming that this one will never get done. Well, we think there is a reasonably good chance for completion within our natural lifetimes.

The current expected Galleys are in January, with publication set for April (yes, 2009). The book is "longish" but no more so than Jared Diamond or Thomas Freidman. Now, admittedly they had really good subjects and they are great writers. But this should be a great story, about a really great company especially during its heyday.

Reviews have been extraordinary to date but we are not at liberty to print them. Howze that for a self-promoting plug! Actually, it is true, somewhat to our surprise and certainly that gave us great pleasure. Whether that translates into many book sales is total conjecture.

We didn't write this for volume sales, but rather to try to capture in a sound historical context just how the company put together such an amazing track record. You'll have to judge the results next spring.


dave davison said...

I've been waiting for the launch - late OK, but never, NOT OK.

Is it possible to see a sample of a part of the manuscrip?

I have a suggestion for a unique way to publish segments for audience feedback before the publication date


chuck said...

sounds like a great idea