Friday, July 24, 2009

The HP Way ... still alive?

The HP Alumni Association has had a brief and wonderfully spirited exchange these past few days about MBWA and the HP Way. One particularly great input came from Myron Tuttle, a 28 year veteran:

"I remeber hearing a story about Bill walking into one of the manufacturing lines (I think it was Santa Clara) and after talking to one of the production people took the instrument they were assembling and dropped it to the floor -- just to see how sturdy it was. Shortly after that a (polite) memo was sent to Corporate that Bill and Dave would no longer be allowed into the divisions unannounced or unescorted. They caused too much disruption to the production lines!

"One day I was eating lunch (I think it was in 5L) and Bill was there carrying his tray to a table. He saw a spill on the floor, set his tray on a table, and went and got a towel to wipe it up. Somehow I just can't see Carly or Mark doing something like that. (I don't know if either of them have even ever seen the employee cafeteria.)

"Wonderful memories. But those were the days

"Myron Tuttle, HP 1974-2002, APD, DTD, POD... NSD

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papwalker said...

I heard somewhere that Dave used to test the odd item out as well. Apparently he reckoned any cabinet or chassis you can bend up by hand is bad design. He looked like a big guy – so the guys in the industrial design group must have hated his personal testing (grin).

Bill cleaning up the floor was apparently nothing new. I saw an interview where he says he invented, swept the floor and kept the books.

His basic problem was that he was an engineer’s engineer unadorned with a modern MBA. Bill started out wanted to build a good company with good staff and invent and sell good products.

Carly’s advantage was that she didn’t own or start the company, she started out wanting a good career and, I’m guessing, fame and fortune.
Anyway the board cut the Carley float free. They are only ever a last resort with a sinking ship anyway.

I wish Bill was alive today, with all the Hi-Tech gadgets and work bench tools (toys), he would be in hogs heaven.

Peter Walker