Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Other featured folk

The HP/Agilent names index has 404 names cited, and this is without noting a sizable number of HP Journal authors cited in the notes sections. So, to some degree, the book celebrates lots of HPites. In addition to the ten folk listed in the last post, there are five other Senior VPs cited on 25 pages or more, another five with 20 pages or more, another eight with 15 pages+, and yet another seven with 10+ pages. So, all told, 35 folk have at least ten pages of their HP career outlined herein. Odds are, you've find someone you know in this list!

And, just think, there are only another 482,000+ HP / Agilent employees and alumni whose stories are not included, that we might try to capture through a Forum...


papwalker said...

Nearly 500k people. It will be interesting to see that forum get off the ground. That's a big number.

I was just chatting with fellow named Graedon Frazer. A twenty year veteran at HP-Agilent here in Australia till 2003 and now has his own business in Agilent sales.
I asked hime what he thought about 'The HP Way' etc. He was inclined to believe it is still alive and well at Agilent. He reckons it's the same guys and same ethos.
I'm glad.

Anyway, ... another obscure name to add or cross off your growing list of 482K +
peter walker

chuck said...

plenty of names, Graedon Fraser was not completely obscure by any means. And 20 years is pretty good. Had dinner with four current HP folk last Saturday ... three of the four felt that even at HP, the "old HP" was alive and well in their department or group. All four were askanced about the lack of civic-minded leadership at the top