Saturday, October 24, 2009

someone must be buying

Wow... today's metrics just got better and better. I'm going to record this for posterity; lightning never strikes twice in the same place, they say.

First, it is probably key to note that George Anders (who wrote Perfect Enough in 2003 about HP, Carly and the proxy battle over buying Compaq) penned a very positive review for Two responders promptly said, "Boy, the authors must have left a LONG TIME AGO; it surely isn't like that now".

But, here's the Barnes and Noble web-metrics at 3:37pm on Saturday, October 24.

Barnes/Noble since noon has the book on "pre-available" $18.70 heavy discount price, and it is number 337 on their list at 3:37pm; it was 360 at 1:30pm, 846 at 11am, 983 at 10am, and 183,883 at 8am. Glad they woke up...

Amazon, at $23.10 for members, has it at 3,030 at 3:37pm, down from 5,184 at 1:30pm, and 8,863 at 11am. Now it makes the Business Biography and History category as #24, 6 on the Hot New Release; for Computer Profiles, it is #16, and 3rd on the Hot New Releases; for Manager's Guides for Computing, it is #3, and #2 on the Hot New Releases.

Hard to get much better... THRILLED out here in the back forty.


Tw Cook said...

I had mine on pre-order at Amazon; I suspect that the initial burst may have to do with others who did the same? Anyway, congrats on getting it out; I'll be diving into it later this evening.

chuck said...

That is entirely possible, but Amazon mostly shipped mid-week against pre-orders. So I think it might have had more to do with the Forbes review...
Or maybe folk who saw their initial copy and thought, "boy, let's get 'em for Xmas gifts"

Tw Cook said...

Perhaps they're more organized than me - it's a bit early for me to think about Christmas gifts. However, that's a great idea and I can think of several friends for whom it would be a good choice!