Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New directors besides Ozzie

Whooee, look at the excitement in the press: here's the immediate outcry, this one from Dylan Tweeney at CloudBeat:

"Let’s look at the other two directors that HP appointed today: Robert Dennett, the former president of Discovery Holding Group and, before that, president and CEO of Liberty Media; and James Skinner, the former CEO of McDonald’s and current chairman of Walgreen Co. In other words, a media guy and a retail/fast food guy
"I’m no expert on corporate board selection processes, but this looks like exactly the kind of corporate boardroom mutual admiration society that HP decidedly does not need. Ozzie is the only one of the three directors appointed today who has technology industry experience, and his experience is in software, not in hardware, infrastructure, and consulting services, where HP’s strength lies. What’s more, his main accomplishments in the past 8 years have been writing memos.

"HP badly needs to refocus on its technologies and its mission, especially after its failed $10 billion acquisition of Autonomy led to the disgrace and departure of former chairman Ray Lane. But unless I’m deeply mistaken, the company is not going to get that from these three directors. I’d like to think Ozzie can help turn the ship around, but I’m not hopeful.
In other words, HP thinks it needs deep techie cred at the highest levels, and Ozzie provides a bit more of that. But his appointment means the company hasn’t yet figured out what it really needs.

Read more at http://venturebeat.com/2013/07/15/hp-ray-ozzie/#4OWXDJcuDBUcEWvf.99 

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