Sunday, August 10, 2014

bigger than memristors

Bob Burmeister, one of HP's long-term IC leaders, has been skeptical of the HP claims re the level of contribution from the memristor technology.  He has several times sent me notes that I have not included herein, but this one seems truly novel and significant.

This chip, at 46 million 'synapses' per second per watt, is much more like Carver Mead's strong work on neuromorphic computing from three decades ago.  Some of this early work, which resulted in the first significant cochlear implants and retinal simulators, is described in my new book, The Gentle Philosopher: Reminiscing--Carver Mead and me, available at:

Back to the IBM announcement, via the Kurzweil report--I mean, like four orders of magnitude less power per switching event, is BIG

Who said the breakthroughs are over with?

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