Thursday, September 25, 2014

great new opportunity for Hurd

I somehow missed the chance last week to observe how lucky the Oracle employees are -- with Ellison stepping down and splitting his company between Safra and Mark Hurd, two co-presidents.

I loved it when the local TV story mentioned Hurd's popularity at HP was 34% approval by his own folk, vs. 64% at Oracle for Larry.  Left out of the story, though, was the fact that Google's founders get 97 and 98%, Gates got 95%, and even Ballmer, not exactly Mr. Charisma, got 85%.  

They could have mentioned Hurd's record at NCR, where he had to hire bodyguards to protect his car, both at home and at work, because employees repeatedly slashed his tires.

But having stepped into this morass once before, I chose to refrain this time.

Good luck, Oracle

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