Wednesday, October 8, 2014

best name for the new companies

Walt Underwood, a long-time observer, sent this over:

One of Tina’s co-workers suggested a way to fix the naming. Give the HP name back to Agilent/Keysight and name the two new companies “Compaq” and “Digital”.



Walter Underwood said...

To give proper credit, this suggestion was from Alexander O'Neil.

Lance Cleveland said...

so once again, the business unit with 7% of the headcount that produces 21% of HP revenue and 40% of it's profit gets no mention. So maybe it should be DEC and Moseley?

Lance Cleveland said...

and once again the business unit with 7% of the headcount that produces almost a quarter of the revenue and 40% of the total HP profit is neglected. Maybe the new companies should be called DEC and Moseley?

chuck said...

Lance, see my comments a few days ago:
"The last workshop I ran for HP (August), we went through eleven tables (of fourteen) before anyone mentioned the peripherals as an important business side for HP. I stopped the meeting, asking about profits and revenues--wondering why this came up 'so late' in the session. After all, ink alone is 9% of revenues, but 42% of profits. Someone ought to be worried about its sustainability. Now someone will, who's in a position to do something."

I didn't know the headcount ratio, makes the story even more impressive.

But the message at my workshop was that even HP executives (112 of them) didn't have the printers and ink even close to top of mind. If HP folk don't, then how can journalists and analysts?

I also asked at the last three workshops about "Management by Wandering Around"--that old tired concept that used to work well. The word was that Meg has been visiting around the loop, and it is much appreciated.
The corollary was that she'd not been yet, in three years, to Boise, the HQ of 40% of HP profit. Don't know if that is true or not, but if so, says 'lots'