Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fiorina--Outta the park?

On a national stage, in Ronnie Reagan's library with a 747 fuselage backdrop, ten erstwhile Republican male candidates faced off with Carly Fiorina now included with some late-stage negotiations.

How'd she do?

Pundits--both CNN and MS/NBC gave her the top billing--"she hit it outta the park" even as they said, "She has to, to become viable."

Fiorina proved equal to the occasion, far more than most others, and as indeed she did at HP (Walt's comments in the previous post notwithstanding), her quick wit was in full display.  This gal is smart, no question about it, and she was studied and ready for the show.

I personally loved her succinct answer re Donald Trump's snide remarks a week ago about her looks, and I also thought she deftly served up a credible story about her HP time, vis-a-vis the meltdown and the competitive situations.  She even remarked on Sonnenfeld's personal distaste for her, and why he did the hatchet job with his wrong analysis--I especially enjoyed that little tete-a-tete!

And her put-down of Trump's snotty "Killed HP" comments, for which he blamed how difficult it has been for Meg, poor gal a decade later, with her observation about his four bankruptcies (which he felt obliged to say, "No, my timing was adroit (as always) and I left others holding the bag.")

Her forthcoming story about losing a child to drug abuse was new to me, and it put a more human side on display than she typically does.  A couple of commentators felt she'd benefit to smile at least once; one rejoinder was that Marco Rubio didn't either, and no one bashes men for not smiling.  Score one!

Her too well-rehearsed and uninvited military build-up 30 second spot was detailed and inappropriate where she did it; the energy about how deceitful Hillary Clinton has been seemed somehow like "don't throw stones if you live in a glass-house"   I mean, someone may just dredge up that Iran story next time, and say "uhh, please do explain..."

Our entire extended family was distressed and discouraged by her major error on citing "harvesting body parts" from a purported Planned Parenthood video.  She can't resist the bait still of camera-grabbing

As they say, GREAT THEATRE.

One might conclude, though, that the country is in trouble, if these seventeen (fifteen) cnadidates are the best we can find.

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