Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The polls and the pollsters--WHO IS SHE?

It surely must seem to many that this is indeed the silly season.  How otherwise can you explain Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson doing so well in the Republican polls?

You can get any number you like, just about, for Carly Fiorina--someone virtually no one in middle America had heard of until a few weeks ago.  Here's the best she is purportedly now doing (in New Hampshire):

Over in Iowa, she's not faring as well, but she's still ahead of Bush, who's far better known:

I didn't know that they do polls of the pollsters--lessee now, can we average what the pundits think?

This is Carly's 'worst showing' -- apparently the professionals are pretty sure she's not all that good.   And indeed the staunch Republican drums are beating..."Let's get Marco, he's our only hope"

So, no wonder I'm getting occasional calls, and even have sold some of the HP Phenomenon books--who'd have thought this would become a political best-seller?   Stranger things have happened, but not really to me very often.

So, after the initial flurry of notes that I posted, somewhat in a huff about the way the pundits were treating 'our girl' and her TERRIBLE LEADERSHIP at HP, I kinda went silent to digest all of the press copy and perspective of just about every business rag and analyst alike.  

Maybe a recap would be in order....

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