Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Looking forward

We're well into "the new HP era", right?   Six weeks in, in fact.  And the word on "the machine" is muted, but worth discussioin.  As are a lot of other "what now" topics.

One that hasn't gotten much mention from HP in awhile is Quantum Computing, a worthy contender (for many theoretical years) to HP's approach.

Last week, a gaggle of Google researchers announced some interesting results from their analysis with a D-wave machine--including a result that sped up operations by some 100 million times.  Wow!  We should get one of those machines.

And then, an MIT researcher, Scott Aaronson, gave an ACM interview re 'what does this all mean?'  You might find it interesting reading at: http://cacm.acm.org/careers/195454-scott-aaronson-on-googles-new-quantum-computing-paper/fulltext

Net net--we're all still waiting.

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