Friday, December 4, 2009

Yes it was fun

Yes indeed.  First time I ever was featured on a one hour radio show.  Up in San Francisco, at KQED, with Dave Iverson as the interviewer.  He was magnificent.  See his documentary re Father and Sons (about all three with Parkinson's -- very touching story).  

We covered a lot of ground, and Q&A took us into a lot more places.  Predictably, a number of folk called to say I am reporting nostalgia since the company has done a hopeless bastardization of the HP Way under the last two CEOs.  And while I too go down that path on many occasions, I felt compelled to point out that (a) Carly Fiorina DID save the marquee name/company, doing no more acquisition than Dave Packard did in his second "term" (from going public to leaving for Washington DC), and (b) many current employees reported in interviews and in book signings this past month that THEIR unit, THEIR division, or THEIR arena is doing great, thank you, with the HP Way largely intact.  Not to say it wasn't LOTS better in those great old days, but somehow it is asking a lot to expect a company of $120 BILLION to act as personal and intimate as a company of $120 MILLION, which is a fair amount LARGER than it was when I joined.

We had calls from Portland, and Phoenix, and San Diego, and Wisconsin, and lots of other places -- and I got emails all day long from friends who heard it and liked it, including our god-daughter who heard it twelve hours later in Las Vegas of all places.  VERY NICE

And maybe that accounts for the surge in Amazon ratings, as it "zoomed" back to #6,751 at 8:00 pm tonight, with our book being #4 overall in Mgmt Guide to Computing (and #1, for the first (and probably only) time on the HOT NEW RELEASES list).  It was #5 and #4 HNR on High Tech, and # 26 and #8 HNR on Company Profiles.  Barnes and Noble didn't do as well, having it still at #45,301.  (No, he's not a numbers guy, and he really isn't very competitive... )