Sunday, December 13, 2009

two BIG events

All on the same day. First, the HP/Agilent Bay Area retirees met, on Pearl Harbor Day (Dec 7th) for their annual luncheon. Some 450 folk listened to a brief half-hour outline of the book, and 82 bought books on-site for signing. Then I was featured at the Computer History Museum that night (the anniversary of many things besides Pearl Harbor's day of infamy -- I pointed out the irony of HP launching its EPOC printer that day, and didn't mention the HP-IB original meeting on 12/7/71 (courtesy of both Dave Ricci and Don Loughrey), or Jenny's first day at HP.
Another 35 books sold at CHM, managed by Kepler's.

Dave Iverson moderated the CHM event, very ably, and the questions were good ones. One in particular had to do with the current 'regime' and pay practices. Tough one to answer, and my answer "unconscionable if true" for the reported $113M for the top four people caused a murmur. I did say "Dave and Bill, for their egalitarian company, would find that an unusual pay practice". Dean Morton wants to have breakfast again this week, for some public speaking counseling.

It was a day that Ray Price hated to miss -- he was caught up in semester finals; he'd have enjoyed it as much as I did.


Bill Tippett said...

Hi Chuck! I just heard about your book and immediately ordered a copy...looking forward to reading it. I also listened to the KQED interview which was great. I think I have your email on an old computer but, if you can reply directly to me from this post, please do so and maybe we can reconnect.

Happy New Year and good luck with the book!

chuck said...

Tip, use

You're featured (well, cited) in the footnotes for the videotape you provided of Dave's memorable speech in Colorado in 1990.

Hope you enjoy...