Wednesday, April 14, 2010

check out the Harvard Biz Review OnLine

Michael Schrage, the wellknown innovation commentator, now a Fellow at the MIT Sloan School, penned some nice words for the Harvard Biz Review online series two weeks ago:
"The Delicate Art of Unauthorized Innovation"

He wrote: '"Better to seek forgiveness than to ask permission.' That's been the rallying cry of organizational intrapreneurs and innovators.... The paradigmatic story is of Hewlett-Packard's Chuck House, who persisted ... despite being directly told by... David Packard to knock it off.... House was forgiven -- and has co-authored what is arguably the best book about HP."

Nice words!!! Michael e-mailed me later to say "I'm a fan. It's a terrific book. Congratulations!" I look forward to meeting him someday....

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