Monday, April 12, 2010

commentary from Bill Terry

Got a thoughtful note from EVP Bill Terry the other day -- he'd finished the book, and had 109 comments to share! Took us four hours to go through the material for which he had questions, additional information, or another perspective. It was a marvelous time, made all the more pleasant by a complimentary lunch and convivial mood. More importantly, it gave me some new insights, several important errata, and even more respect for a great gentleman who took more than immodest time to help on this archival project.

Many others have sent helpful illuminating notes, points of view, and corrections. All of these are sincerely appreciated; this is a harder task than you might imagine, and 'getting it right' is not an easy thing to do (maybe even an impossible belief -- who's to say 'who's right'?). ALL input is valuable

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