Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Larry Ellison shows his colors

Mark Hurd's "close friend" Larry Ellison weighed in yesterday, to say the HP BOARD just made the biggest mistake in history for HP shareholders, as big as the idiots who removed Steve Jobs at Apple twenty-five years ago.

Surprise! This is the 4th richest guy in the world (Forbes, January 2010) who brazenly took $3 million away from the Portola Valley school district in 2008, while spending nearly a billion on his boat. Might makes right! Begins to give you a sense of why The Robber Barons were called that a century ago.

And Larry says no CEO fills out their own expense reports, so that must be a trumped up charge. Right! His minions tried to cover up the (non-sexual) dalliances? And he ... umm... voluntarily agreed that maybe he should resign?

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