Wednesday, August 11, 2010

what were you saying a year ago?

From this blog on December 13, 2009

"Dave Iverson (of KQED and NPR) moderated the CHM (Computer History Museum) event, very ably, and the questions were good ones. One in particular had to do with the current 'regime' and pay practices. Tough one to answer, and my answer "unconscionable if true" for the reported $113 Million for the four top people caused a murmur. I did say, 'Bill and Dave, for their egalitarian company, would find that an unusual pay practice'." The CHM video of this event is still available; these comments occur at about minute 60.

From this blog on Sept 2, 2009

"Hewlett and Packard have had multiple occasions to turn over in those cold graves -- the selloff of Little Basin and the merger/acquisition mania pale alongside pretexting, forfeiture of long-promised benefits, and rules banning executive participation on civic boards. Ethics and a huge belief in the dignity and value and worth of all employees were cardinal elements, weren't they?"

And from August 17, 2009

Five long-term HP employees (144 years between them), including two current VPs and one ex-EVP, commented: "the image of HP being the leading corporate citizen in the community, long a cherished hallmark of the company, has dried up in the current regime. Carly, they averred, was as strong on that as Lew or even Dave himself; not so under Hurd.... {At a key STEM (Science, Technology, Education, and Math) meeting for America recently, leaders} were outspoken about HP absentee-ism on topics of science and math education in America. They were outspoken... that HP only cares about sales, and ties 'corporate giving' only to 'deals' at best these days."
"Moreover, the considered opinion was that nine of the top ten high-tech firms in America (recall that HP is now the largest) have their CEO or Chairman or both involved enough in STEM education to be carried on the front pages of the Wall Street Journal while HP stands aside. What the hell has gone wrong at this place? Is the new guy in touch with anything besides the bottom line?"

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