Tuesday, March 5, 2013

WebOS was sold last week too?

Boy, I missed this one.  HP sold its once-prized WebOS to LG Electronics February 25, who plan to use it for their web-based TVs.  Recall that WebOS, not the Palm Pre telephone handset, is why HP bought Palm in April 2010.

WebOS was indeed fabulous for a DSP-based operating system, and the goal (dream maybe) was that it would become the unifying underpinnings for the PC group to join the Printing groups and maybe bring in other appliances (seemed then that HP might branch into web-TV, washing machines and smart refrigerators).

WebOS did not get the promised upgrades, and after the TouchPad fiasco, HP ultimately released WebOS as an open-source code base before selling rights to LG.

LG for its part did not comment on using WebOS for a new line of smart refrigerators.


Andrew S said...

I wouldn't say HP bought webOS for webOS...just for patents. HP retains all patents and IP from Palm and webOS in the deal...

See also: http://www.theverge.com/2013/2/25/4027814/hp-emerges-as-big-winner-in-webos-sale

Anonymous said...

I thought HP was going to open-source webOS. Didn't they take the first step with that? See:


- sw