Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I darn near fell out of the chair at breakfast yesterday with Michael Loftus, ex-VP Product Marketing for AdStream.  He was touting his latest excitement -- a new HP laptop computer, the Ultra Envy II.  His point -- sort of done as an "in my face" kind of thing -- was that this was the first HP product he'd liked in a decade, and definitely the first time that he compared it favorably to any of the other PC vended products.  He whipped off the display and showed us the tablet version, exclaiming how it out-did his iPad and then some.   I was speechless -- the last time I saw this kind of excitement for an HP product in the PC space was for the original ThinkJet, which dates back 21 years now.  

No, on second thought, the Vivienne Tam notebooks caused a brief sensation in 2008; one of those marketing glitz things that sold a few thousand units....

"WHAT IF?"  Recall that ad campaign?  What if HP could actually build compelling products again.

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