Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Andreessen on Meg

You heard it here first (well, maybe second...)

Bloomberg's Willow Bay, a winsome lady to be sure, caught up with Marc Andreessen at the Milken Institute conference in Los Angeles today, and got a ten minute interview on tape.  See it at

At 8;20 into the session, ending at 9:25, Marc got to her question about HP, and how long before the Board tires of Meg as CEO.  He never missed a beat, saying "the Board has her back" and "she is doing great" and he thinks that the 'recent rise' in HP stock price shows that the public is beginning to understand that.

Specifically asked if he would stick with the Board, given all the shareholder discontent, he said, "I come from a long line that sticks with difficult challenges" and then he closed that line of inquiry by saying, "Remember, HP is the company that built Silicon Valley, and HP DESERVES the best"

Nice combative, dogged perseverance

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