Thursday, October 24, 2013

ARGUS INSIGHTS--A good idea?

We've become acquainted with ARGUS INSIGHTS, a boutique crowd-source information provider that just put a bold prediction in place... doesn't have much to do DIRECTLY with HP, but it could be valuable downstream.

They read "content" in customer posts, whether Twitter, email, blogs, Facebook, you name it.  By read content, they actually assess the meaning, not just the occurrence, of key words being used.  Example:
iPhone 5C.   They have been predicting forward Apple sales for the past eight quarters using these correlation techniques (the founder is an old IDEO and D'School pro), and today they issued a press release saying that this next quarter for Apple (reports on Oct. 28) will be dismal compared to current street forecasts.  What if they're right?

To be below some 34 different analysts, let alone Apple's own 'guidance', is daunting; to be right would be notable.  And if right, as they've mostly been for eight quarters, would say, "Hummn, maybe Meg and troops should engage these folks"

Years ago, we tried in my own HP division to "listen to the customers".  It led us to abandon chasing test equipment for minicomputer designers, testers, installers, and maintenance folk, and chase the brand new microcomputer business (this in the days of the Intel 4004,4040, 8008 and 8080--long before the IBM PC).  My own bosses thought we were nuts--I wasn't sure myself.  It turned out the customers were onto something, and we got about a three year headstart on the business.  Nice.

What if this guy has something?

You might have, you doubtless did, hear it here first.  ARGUS INSIGHTS

See the press release at:

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