Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Posted HP articles at ResearchGate

I've got an opportunity to talk to a historian's conference this next Friday--about how HP 'got into computers' and parenthetically, how Beckman failed to do so.

The paper and the 'dataset' (which means the PowerPoint slides) are entered in my ResearchGate file at

If you don't know about ResearchGate, don't be surprised.  But it is a fairly nice repository for papers and supporting documents (like PowerPoint Slides) 'over the years' for the 'bigger events;' like a conference or a publication.

With respect to recent HP work, there is also one about "HP--the Renewal Challenge" which is a set of slides I used recently for a keynote address at the Stanford Graduate Business School for a largely HP audience of senior managers.  It was great good fun, and especially nice to hear folk at the end say they didn't expect anything about "recent affairs" from someone who left the company a long time ago.  But, we surprised them, especailly with the set of Apple slides at the end

You might find some of this interesting.  Drop me a note of what matteres most to you

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