Thursday, January 7, 2010

new month new year

And book sales are 'holding up' which is well nigh amazing. The Amazon count yesterday morning, pretty much equaled this morning, was #22,214. In "Hot New Releases" it ranks 3rd in High-Tech, 8th in Company Profiles, and 7th in Manager's Guides to Computing. 94 libraries are listed as having one, per the Google tracking site, and it managed to be on the Stanford Bookstore Best Seller list for both December and January.

More pleasing is the fact that we are getting some great testimonial letters, things that warm the cockles of your heart (or cause a tear to well in the eye). Readers, especially 'old HP' readers, seem to like it a lot. Thank goodness. If they didn't, it'd be worrisome.

And even seasoned exec's, the likes of Ely, Morton and Doyle, have read it and pronounced it sound, even as each has said something to the effect of 'here's a significant correction'


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