Thursday, January 7, 2010

four VPs weigh in

#1 -- "I was there last night (CHM). Good job, very nice opening. You handled yourself skillfully during Q & A -- and with good humor. Sometime maybe we can have another breakfast and a friendly personal discussion over a couple of points..."

#2 -- "Many thanks for such an exhaustive history of HP and thanks also for the balanced view of my small role in the evolution of the company. You have made a valuable contribution.... I became fully aware (circa 1991) that Packard was suffering from four years without Lucile and what a marvelous and moderating influence she had been..."

#3 -- "My memory of some events involving me is slightly different than what you heard from others involved..., but I can give you an overall grade of A+. The writing and the prose was excellent, surprisingly so for this type of book. Easy reading and fascinating. The story was comprehensive and devolved into several stories. There was something for everyone."

#4 -- "Chuck doesn't just tell what worked, but also describes in details what didn't work and how challenges were solved. As with any highly successful organization there wre struggles, conflicts, and disagreements coming from a team of passionate visionaries.... Chuck, in his own unvarnished way, shares it all.... Not just a history lesson, but (it) is about what it takes to create/enable an organization to innovate and transform.... a fundamental belief in 'bottoms-up innovation' -- a trait sorely missing from many organizations today where corporate anti-bodies seem to be the norm."

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