Sunday, February 21, 2010

errata #2

Last errata was listed Nov 4, 2009. Some additional errata below:
p. 129, 564 Emery Rogers, not Emory. Spelled correctly on p. 544
p. 180 Bill Waters was the SRI marketing person who conducted the focus groups, and concluded that the HP 35 would not sell, due to a very high price and low demand
p, 389 Hennessy, not Hennessey. Correct on pp. 263-64, 417, 629
p. 577 Mark Weiser, also a key XeroxPARC researcher, died prematurely, in 1999. Mark Stefik, still at XeroxPARC, is very much alive -- our apologies
p. 629 Add Fred Gibbons to the index, for citations on pp. 321-22. Remove those pp. from Jim Gibbons' index
p. 51 adopting Fourier analysis "and Laplace transform" mathematics...
pp. 60-61 there were in fact TWO Sonoma meetings -- the Executive Committee and a few others in January, and a General Manager's meeting in June. Bud Eldon supplied data re each
p. 65 Re "Management by Wandering Around" this long-standing practice was named by John Doyle in a speech to the GM meeting in January 1976
p. 70 Doyle also spoke German at the time, but that fact was apparently not known to Hewlett
p. 142 IBM 1401 average rental was $6,500 per month; $2,500 was the cheapest available. See Philip E. Ross, "Rebuilding the 1401", IEEE Spectrum, November 2009
p. 157 Jerry Carlson managed PAD (Palo Alto Div), not AMD (Automated Meas Div, which came later)
pp. 166, 170. 211 "network database", not a 'relational' database
p. 178 BPC stood for Binary Process Controller
p. 197 and p. 341 "Personnel", not 'Human Resources'
p. 309 the crucial product... was the HP 7470A
p. 321 the HP 85 debuted in 1980, not 1981 c.f. p. 309
p. 329 Doyle managed both the Automated Test Division and the Automated Measurements Division for two years
p. 438 "the whole company" is obviously an exaggeration. It is true though that many on the Executive and Management team resisted.
p. 506 the $3.06 million tax break for Ellison was a one-time rebate for the previous three years of taxes paid
p. 572 Footnote 32 -- Doyle gives Hewlett credit for instigating the Corp Training Prgm for high-level execs, not Packard

p. 259 'very' --> "every"
p. 630 IBM 1401, p. 142

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chuck said...

Mark Stefik was very understanding when I sent him an email to let him know that our announcement, per the Mark Twain "rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated", was unfortunate, but we were glad it wasn't true. Stefik's note to me -- "lots of 'mark's' at PARC"