Monday, February 15, 2010

Holiday week

This week features two talks in the local area -- one at the Fellowship Forum in Palo Alto tomorrow (Tues 2-16) and one on Wednesday at Cisco. Both allow guests, if someone from the respective organization sponsors you...

Last week on Monday, Greg Loew sponsored a talk for me at SLAC, the National Linear Accelerator lab. Physicists galore, and great questions. Lots of history from this major facility in terms of Nobel Prizes and other key physics awards. For example, the J.J.Sakurai prize for theoretical physics was awarded to a neighbor, Stan Brodsky, in 2007. The Hans Bethe prize, the Irving Langmuir prize, the James McGroddy prize and the George Pake prize are among other key prizes given annually by the American Physics Society, and this team wins an uncommon number of them.

Mike Roberts, a good friend from Washington D.C. involved in the international nuclear fusion program, has been associated with this group for years. We had a stimulating time, and a great dinner afterwards. What a privilege!

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