Friday, February 19, 2010

Fellowship Forum

Tuesday Feb 16 the Palo Alto Fellowship Forum had about fifty folk assembled for the 6th meeting of the 61st year at the Westin Palo Alto hotel -- including HP oldtimers Al Bagley, Don Hammond, Bob Grimm, Skip Ross, and Peter Moseley. This is a group of VERY accomplished individuals, most with long-term Bay area roots, and a lot of perspective about HP history.

I had a lot of fun with some of the sidebar anecdotes that necessarily accompany any talk these days about HP, including the one about the HP 35 market study that member Bill Waters did while at SRI, concluding that it was probably not a winner (something that Hewlett ignored...)

Out of time in the main setting, I had a lot of questions afterwards in a small group. One in particular made a point that he had lived next door to Bill Hewlett for 25 years, "an incredibly nice man". Asked for any specifics, he said, "Bill always dried dishes with his wife Flora" which of course says a lot about this genial giant.

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